Shelby County, Tennessee, native and successful businessman Jeff Webb Cheerleading has several passions outside of work, including writing and publishing books. He is the creator and president of the International Cheer Union, the world's regulatory organization for cheering, representing over 7.5 million athletes worldwide. Webb is also the senior news editor of Human Events, a news and analysis website in Washington, D.C., and co-publishes the site with executive opinion editor Will Chamberlain.

Webb started Varsity Spirit in 1974, now a subsidiary of Varsity Brands, and served as CEO of Varsity Brands until 2018. He then served as the company's chairman until 2020. Varsity Spirit is a global innovator in cheering, dance teams, and performing arts. Over a million athletes connect with the organization annually through educational camps, contests, and other events. Webb departed Varsity Spirit and its parent firm to devote his time to the International Cheer Union and other projects, including Human Events.

Webb received his bachelor's degree in political science and government from the University of Oklahoma. Throughout his time at the university, he became an active campus leader and was heavily involved with the cheer squad. As a result of his engagement, he began working for the National Cheerleaders Association while still a university student.

Webb is a dedicated philanthropist who has collaborated with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital for over a decade, paving the way for the world to understand better, treat, and fight children's cancers and other life-threatening illnesses. He has also worked extensively with the Special Olympics organization, which provides year-round training and activities to challenged children and adults and today serves over five million participants in over 170 countries worldwide.

Webb is recognized for advancing and developing cheering as a sport and establishing cheerleading as an official Olympic event. He is still largely acknowledged as a worldwide cheering leader and credited with establishing an international reputation for the sport. Webb is also a published author, writing the best-selling book American Restoration: How to Unbind the Great Middle Class.